Talent Sgps

Talent SGPS

Colégio Português is part of Talent SGPS, a network of Teaching schools with a common ambition: to create the professions of the future. As traditional professions are disappearing, people will need to develop “non-automatic” skills. We call this “Talent”!

The schools that are part of Talent SGPS understand “Talent” as a vocation, a gift. “Talent” is also the name given to a specific human ability that can be developed if there is a motivation or if certain knowledge is applied, after all, the reason for the existence of a school. All Talent SGPS schools are unique! The reason for their existence is due to their individual capacity to enhance knowledge, research and openness to their environment. Each institution brings more strength, more innovation, as well as more knowledge.

The Talent SGPS network aims to provide a broad experience in the context of Education; an experience that allows you to get the best out of it, for a more solid and future-ready education. Aspects such as mobility between study plans, international experience and access to more services are examples of the added value that a network of schools, united by a purpose, can offer for the direct benefit of all those who want to go further.

Message from CEO

“At TALENT we play a leading role in grooming talent and believe that if their innate abilities are well developed they can become Geniuses. The prerequisite for TALENT is to be willing to devote, with passion and enthusiasm, large periods of time and energy to the necessary training and preparation. And that training must include significant periods of free and informal practice time that allows discovery, trial and error, experimenting with skills from existing models and references.

The future for TALENT is now! With us towards success. And all working together towards a common purpose! Our team and all our students with determination, courage, ideas and TALENT.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors
PhD Gonçalo Caetano Alves