colégio português

Welcome to Colégio Português. Private Education Institution created on June 1, 1996.

Throughout its history, Colégio Português has made available to its students different possibilities of attending their studies. Today, we are proud to make available a complete training offer.

We accompany the child’s educational path from nursery school to the end of the 3rd Cycle.

Colégio Português is a Private Education Institution that was created on June 1, 1996.
The Project was born with Nursery School and Pre-School facilities.

In the 1997/1998 school year, the Institution offered its students who had finished the Pre-School, as well as others who had come from outside, the possibility of attending the 1st Cycle.

On January 7, 1998, the Ministry of Education granted Colégio Português the Definitive Operational Authorization no. 587.

In the school year 2000/2001, another challenge was posed to the institution: the opening of the 2nd Cycle. At first, only with the possibility of attending the 5th year of schooling, but in the following school year with the possibility of attending the 6th year as well.

There was then one last step missing: the opening of the 3rd Cycle, which took place in the 2002/2003 school year. Thus, it was possible, within three years, to make the 7th, 8th and 9th years of schooling available to students. With this new service, the College now offers its students the possibility of completing the whole course of basic education.

On 31 May 2005, the Ministry of Education granted Pedagogical Autonomy for the 1st  and 2nd  Cycles. On November 5, 2008, the same Pedagogical Autonomy was also granted to the 3rd Cycle. These two moments were an important milestone for the Institution, since all its work was recognised and properly validated.

Message from the Director

“Colégio Português was created with all the legitimate concerns of modern-day parents in mind. It welcomes and helps children to develop within fundamental pedagogical parameters in the education of their children. Each physical space is transformed into a pedagogical space always taking into account the respect for the development stage of each group and each child.

Born within a group specialising in education and teaching – TALENT – this innovative educational institution aims to welcome and help develop children within those pedagogical parameters that it has always considered fundamental in the education of its children.

With 27 years of experience in the education sector, TALENT now brings together experienced professionals and sustained knowledge to embrace an area of human training as important as that which Colégio Português intends to attend to.”

José Manuel Loureiro
Diretor of Colégio Português

Internal Regulations and Educational Project

As a part of our transparency values and policies, we share with you the General Regulation that governs our activity.

It establishes the rules of operation, organisation and internal discipline, regulates the relations between the various educational agents, and establishes their rights and duties within the framework of the general guiding principles of this College.

Colégio Português shall have its operation guided by the present General Regulation, which was drawn up by the Board of Directors and approved by the Administration, within the scope and exercise of its competences and taking into account the various needs, interests and opinions of the educational stakeholders.